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    I understand that you don't use it for gaming, but some keyboards have 
extra buttons (for multimedia, email, internet access, etc.) that require 
special drivers that are installed by the manufacturer (if it's a pre-made 
system like yours) or yourself (if you built the PC).  The same goes for 
mice since mine has a special driver that gives me control over how the side 
button and scroll wheel are used.  If either of my drivers gets corrupted 
(and it has happened), I get all sorts of odd problems that seem to be 
unrelated to those two devices.  However, updating them fixed the problems. 
The fact that this started 'out of the blue' somewhat supports the idea of a 
defective driver, so that's why I'm pursuing this line of questions. 

    And no, with 2GB worth, it's not a lack of RAM.


"The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked!"

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> GMan,
>     I bought the machine in January - an HP. It came with the keyboard and
> mouse. All worked fine until about a couple weeks ago out of the blue. I 
> don't
> use it for any gaming.
>     Also, Don mentioned maybe I might not have enough memory, I don't 
> think
> that's the problem - I have 2 GB installed.
> Thanks,
> HB 

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