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First, go to www.crucial.com and see what type of memory the system is 
supposed to take and then look at what you've got in there now.  With 
Win98, I use a utility called CTSpd.  It will look at the SPD modules on 
the DIMM's and tell you the timing specs and you can compare them with 
what's supposed to be in there.

Also, sometimes you can get around mis-matched memory by putting one of 
the slower modules in the #1 DIMM slot.  That way the system will run 
all the memory at that slower speed.  A CL-2 DIMM generally can run 
without a problem at CL-3.


Rick wrote:
>    Does anyone know of a simple way to check compatibility of RAM chips to
> motherboards??? I have been working on an older IBM system that had many
> errors on it, and I also added new ram chips to it. Now, it still has many
> errors after I do a complete restore. It seems that every time I restore
> this pc, and I've done this about 10 different times so far, I get different
> errors using the same restore cd's. I don't get them when I do the restore,
> I get them after it boots to Windows, using Win/98SE. Sometimes, it doesn't
> happen for a few days after I restore it, then I'll get errors on it. Also,
> now when I reinstall the old ram chips, I still get errors. I can't seem to
> pinpoint why the errors are happening now, because they are NOT the same
> errors every time. Sounds like I need to use my sledge hammer on it and have
> them buy a new one. Thanks for any help from anyone.
> Rick

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