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> Hubby is rather ...uh....intimidated by my stack of CD's.  He thinks it's
> form of insanity.
> However, he's a very good Excel person and does a bit of programming in
> Right now, I have windows Commander and I can print out the file list in a
> tree format that picks up every file.  I'm using that but I found I had to
> create an index as well since I have so much.   It's hard to explain since
> my files have to do with education as well as music, etc.   I need to be
> able to locate a file by category as well as by name.  For instance, I
> to see what I have in geography, but I might not know the name of the file
> that I'm looking for.   I know, I'm asking for the impossible.  I almost
> need a version of a card catalogue.
> Marcia

It's actually as simple as you want to make it. If you want to save Artist,
title, Genre, Year Of Release, Type (Record/CD/Tape/Mini Disc) it really
couldn't be simpler to set an Excel sheet up, just create a column for each.
I have no great Excel knowledge, just a working knowledge, most of which
I've gained by trying stuff out, but this was a piece of cake. I can even
include other boxes for links to cover art or track listings or reviews
(Either stored locally or web linked)

I set up a workbook with a separate sheet  each letter, plus Mc/Mac and
Numbers. It doesn't matter about inputting all  the info in one go, or even
putting them in alphabetical order, Excel will do all of that for you. The
other beauty is that you can create WebPages directly from Excel-handy if
you want to exchange lists with someone.


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