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Hi Roger and Happy New Year.
    Well, perhaps we can work on making it happy for ya.

    Registry Mechanic is one of numerous programs that are designed to clean 
the registry of unneeded items in order to speed up the system.  Personally, 
I've never trusted that concept enough to make a habit of suggesting their 
use.  While I would LOVE to be proved wrong (the concept is highly 
seductive), I am not able to see any way that a small app, with no apparent 
huge database to check against, can tell every abandoned entry apart from 
one that is needed by a process that simply isn't running at the time of the 
scan.  So, may I suggest you stop using it for a while and see if you can 
detect any difference (other than the fact that your apps continue to work 
after you don't run the reg app).        :O)

    Unfortunately, the only way I can help with your backups or your System 
Restore issue is for you to give me some idea of what's happening there.

    A couple of years ago, I had a serious problem with Norton Ghost that 
has caused me to shy away from it ever since.  That statement is not meant 
to scare you away from it.  It's just to let you know that I have no recent 
experience with the program, so I don't have any worthwhile 
opinions/comments about it's ability to help you.

"The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask!"

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> After tearing my hair out with the incompetence of XP System Restore,
> AND finding continuing problems with making my own backup copies, AND
> trying to recover  programmes deleted by Registry Mechanic ........
> ......... I am now contemplating Symantec's Ghost which I now see is up
> to version 12.0.  Can anyone who has used this kindly come up with some
> helpful opinions/comments?? please??
> Roger W 

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