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UI don't know who keeps putting this information out but Incredimail has been 
checked out and approved by several 
companys to include, but not limited to Trust-e and Softpedia to be completely 
spyware free.  
Here is what they (Incredimail) really says about their privacy policy
Privacy Summary

"IncrediMail pledges to you that it will never spam you, force you to install 
3rd party software on your system or harm your online privacy in any way. 
IncrediMail is not a spyware."

IncrediMail takes your online privacy seriously and is committed to providing 
you with a safe and secure working environment. The IncrediMail team is 
certainly aware of the ever-growing unethical behavior in today's Internet 
world and is proud to not participate in any of the offensive business models 
so commonly used. IncrediMail pledges to you that it will never spam you, force 
you to install 3rd party software on your system or harm your online privacy in 
any way. IncrediMail is not a spyware. 

Even so, with the increasing amount of spam and spywares flooding the Internet 
it's difficult not to be skeptical. The following are the most common questions 
you are likely to ask yourself: 

Does IncrediMail collect any personal information?

When you register with IncrediMail, you will be asked to submit certain 
information such as your country, age and gender. Only in cases where 
IncrediMail cannot identify your email account settings, you will be asked to 
type in information such as your display name, email address and 
incoming/outgoing server settings. IncrediMail does not collect personally 
identifiable or non-personally identifiable information other than what is 
indicated during the registration process. 

IncrediMail uses information such as IncrediMail content statistics in order to 
present users with the "Most Popular" lists in the IncrediMail Online Gallery. 
That way we can meet user preferences, and continuously enhance the IncrediMail 
product. This is the only kind of non-personally identifiable information used 
by IncrediMail.

Is IncrediMail spyware?

No, it is not. IncrediMail does not install any PC surveillance tools, capture 
keystrokes, log your communications, etc. Our business and revenue model has 
nothing to do with using your personal information in a harmful or deceitful 
manner. In fact, the IncrediMail team is adamantly against that kind of 
behavior and therefore, does not violate the privacy policy and agreement with 
our customers.

Does IncrediMail install anything else other than IncrediMail products on 
users' computers?

Absolutely not. The only software installed on any user's computer is 
IncrediMail and its supplementary program, the Letter Creator. IncrediMail does 
not install any third-party software. 

Will IncrediMail provide my personal information to third parties?

Absolutely not. We are committed to making IncrediMail users feel safe and 
comfortable when sending/receiving email. Therefore, IncrediMail does not and 
will not provide user's personally identifiable information it has collected to 
any third party (including advertisers and direct marketers) without the user's 
permission. IncrediMail may on occasion share usage information for statistical 
purposes in aggregate anonymous (non-personally identifiable) form, with 
advertisers or other third parties.

Will I receive spam from IncrediMail?

No. When you register to IncrediMail you are asked if you would like to receive 
email updates and IncrediMail special offers. Only users that install 
IncrediMail with the indication that they would like to receive updates will 
receive the IncrediMail Newsletter and other special updates. In addition, each 
email from IncrediMail includes an "unsubscribe" option, thus allowing you to 
halt your subscription at any time. IncrediMail does not collect users' 
personal information and use it to send advertisements and other unsolicited 

So, how does IncrediMail make money?

IncrediMail relies on two platforms to make an income; 1) the sale of its 
software products and 2) advertisement via the Status Window in the application 
and on the Web site. To learn more about either one, click on the links below:
Product offeringsAdvertisements
  TRUSTe Privacy Program 

IncrediMail Ltd. is a licensee of the TRUSTe Privacy Program. TRUSTe is an 
independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to enable individuals and 
organizations to establish trusting relationships based on respect for personal 
identity and information by promoting the use of fair information practices. 
This privacy statement covers the site www.IncrediMail.com. Because we want to 
demonstrate our commitment to our users' privacy, we have agreed to disclose 
our privacy practices and have them reviewed for compliance by TRUSTe. If users 
have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should first click 
here. If you do not receive acknowledgment of your inquiry or it is not 
satisfactorily addressed, you should then contact TRUSTe through the TRUSTe 
Watchdog Dispute Resolution Process. TRUSTe will serve as a liaison with the 
Web site to resolve users' concerns. However, please understand the TRUSTe 
program covers only information that is collected through this Web
 and does not cover information that may be collected through software 
downloaded from the site.

milady <kg6ocz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I tried to do a look up in various places concerning legends... nothing. I 
don't use this but the person who posted this to a list is known not to 
research before posting....
I know some people here use this so what's the ups and downs of it??

The information below is from Cloudeight InfoAve newsletter I received. 
This information is fact and I thought I would share with anyone that might 
have or might get Incredimail.
I do not use it glad now that I find this out!!!

Be careful!!!

Sandra Asks About Incredimail
I am thinking of downloading Incredimail and was wondering if you can tell 
me what you think about it? I am fairly new to computers so your advise 
would be very welcome. Keep up the good work as your information has helped 
me out lots of times. Thank you Sandra.

We don't believe any company making an email program has any right to track 
your email, including date, time, the number of times you use the email 
program, the "pictures you used" the time and date you send email, and then 
store this information on a server located in a foreign country. Unless 
you're familiar with the privacy and security laws of other countries you're 
taking the follow risks:

1. That the only data collected by Incredimail is what they say they 
Since they openly admit they collect some information about the email you 
send, including the number of emails you send, time and date, etc. that 
means a data collection and transmission mechanism is installed. 
Theoretically, with such a link between your computer and their server they 
could collect any information you enter into you email program including the 
contents of your email message. We're not saying they will do this, we're 
saying when tracking mechanisms are installed the instrumentality for 
tracking is in place.

2. The data that is collected may be stored on servers located in the 
country in which Incredimail is based
This means your data, while collected in the United States, Britain, 
Australia, or wherever you live is transmitted to and stored on servers 
located in Israel. Are you familiar with the privacy and security laws in 
Israel? Are they more strict or less strict than your country?

Incredimail is located in Israel. If Israel is not where you live and you're 
not familiar with the security and privacy laws in the country where your 
information is most likely being stored, you should consider carefully 
whether you want to agree to the collection and storage of ANY information 
from you.

We do not agree with some of their marketing techniques. For example, when 
you visit their main site, there is no indication that there is anything to 
pay for. They don't indicate that the "free" version of Incredimail is 
adware; they don't indicate that the free version of Incredimail inserts a 
rather ugly advertisement at the bottom of every email you send (but you 
don't see it, only your recipient does). They make claims on their site that 
are not substantiated in the "Full Privacy Policy" which contains several 
questionable clauses like the one below:

Users, including without limitation, Users in the European Union, fully 
understand and unambiguously consent to the collection and processing of 
their personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information, 
in the United States. "

While this questionable clause appears in their "full privacy policy" it 
does not appear in the short "Summary Privacy Policy" and is contradictory 
to their claim that they do not collect any personally identifiable 
information. One wonders why they go to great lengths to bury this clause 
deep in their full privacy policy.

See for yourself -

Here's a link to their "Summary" Privacy Policy

Here's a link to their "Full Privacy Policy"

You will notice that the "summary" is approximately 777 words long and tells 
you what you want to hear. The "Full Privacy Policy" (the actual legal 
agreement you're bound to) is over twice as long. Remember you're legally 
bound to the long version and to the End User License Agreement (not posted 
on their Web site).

We hope the information presented will help you make an informed decision as 
to whether or not you want to install this program. As noted above, there 
are security and privacy issues that are not fully explained, you're 
allowing a foreign company to track certain behaviors of yours, and you are 
trusting they will not violate their own promises.


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