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I have been using the CA Internet Security Suite for over a year.  Simply 
because it is free.  I see nothing in those reviews that I could disagree 
with.  You could probably find a few sites with good reviews, but as soon as 
budgetary constraints permit I am changing to something else.... might even 
go with the various free stuff that is so popular here.

Norton was a verious serious resource hog for several years... especially in 
the various "suites" they offer.  Rumour has it they have cleaned up thier 
act, but I have not heard enough people say how wonderful it is now to make 
me want to buy it yet.


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> My mother and I are now ready to purchase an antivirus suite to replace
> McAfee, which we are sick of using since it did not protect my PC at all
> (got to 40-some percent scanned then crashed, even after updates). We were
> going to go with CA Antivirus, but now I'm extremely hesitant to purchase
> it.
> I found this: http://tinyurl.com/aact43 - it has a 5-user license, which
> works great for us. But look at the reviews at the bottom. Are these
> legitimate issues with CA Antivirus, or are these people unfamiliar with
> what they're doing? We're protecting a PC with Vista Ultimate SP1 32-bit 
> and
> one with WinXP Home SP3 (my old PC seems to have died so we hooked up my
> mom's very slow - 256 MB RAM - PC). Before we toss out the money for this
> product, will this work or are there better options? My mother can't 
> afford
> to spend $50-60 for a suite that isn't worth the price due to her
> disability. What is the best product for us to purchase to protect both of
> our machines?

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