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Well G you know that would be too easy :) I did try this but it  leaves out 
the company logo and no tables and it looks pretty jumbled. I did save it as 
html and it had the tables set but when printed the tables were left out. 
For now I just printed out the email as is with the header, but luckily I 
have until June 1st before this goes in on my records..
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> Rudy,
>    With the email already selected, go to File > Save As.  In the 'Files 
> of
> Type:' field, click on the small down arrow and change the output to a 
> text
> file.  Choose where to save it and click the Save button.  Saving it as a
> text file will remove all formatting and, hopefully, will include the info
> in the tables.  You can then easily Copy/Paste it into whatever file you
> wish or leave it as a text file (although it may require some cleaning up 
> to
> make it look right).       :O)
> Peace,
> G
> "The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked"

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