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Try a registry cleaner like Easy Cleaner 
http://personal.inet.fi/business/toniarts/ecleane.htm to search for dead 
registry links, etc.


Terry wrote:

>Yes, and ran scandisk, defragged and restarted again. . and again..
>Robert Andrew Dulaney Jr. wrote:
>>Terry; Did you reboot after uninstalling?
>>Terry M <wannalearn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:  Hi everybody. 
>>I used to be on this list, but lost my home computer access for a couple of 
>>Glad to be back. 
>>I'm running Win 98SE
>>I had AVG 6, the free edition, and have purchased Panda Titanium. 
>>First, I removed AVG from the add/remove programs. Tried to install 
>>Panda but it said AVG had to be removed. From Grisoft's support page,
>>I downloaded AVG again, ran the install which gave me the option of un-
>>installing, which I did. Shut down, ran ScanDisc and Defrag and restarted.
>>Again tried to install Panda. It still says AVG needs to be uninstalled.
>>AVG is no longer in the add/remove programs list and if I start the install 
>>(on AVG) it no longer gives the options of repairing or uninstalling. I'm 
>>thinking there must be left over Registry Entries, but I don't know how to
>>find them or how exactly to remove them.
>>Help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
>>Terry M

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