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    Thank you VERY much!  This makes perfect sense, even though it's in 
"geek".      lol

    The numbers we need are in the middle section.  I've retyped them below 
for David's use.

2C 00 00 00 02 00 00 00
03 00 00 FF FF FF FF FF
FF FF FF FF 04 01 00 00
A0 00 00 00 A6 04 00 00
84 03 00 00

    Close any and all instances of IE before you begin any of this.  Also, 
all of the 0's in the values are zeros, not the letter O.

    When you open up Regedit and go back to this key (it may open up with 
the right key already located), double click on the "Window_Placement" entry 
to open it for editing.  Notice that the cursor is blinking at the top, left 
corner of the middle set of hexadecimal numbers.  After writing them all 
down (just the middle set), press and hold the Delete key on your keyboard 
to wipe out what's already there.  Notice that the right side characters 
also disappear.  That's because each of the hex numbers represent one of the 
characters to the right.  Once the entire area is clear, you can start 
typing in these new hex values.  Of course, you'll want to be extremely 
careful that you type them in correctly since one mistake can have 
completely unknown consequences (it may not do anything, but it might also 
cause IE to be larger than your screen or smaller than any other window 
you've ever seen     lol).  Once all of the numbers have been entered, make 
sure you're left with 5 rows of 8 values followed by a single row of 4 
values (for a total of 44 values).  Triple check the values against what's 
above in this post and then, when you're absolutely certain that everything 
is correct, click on the Ok button and close regedit.  Finally, reboot your 
system before opening up IE.

    If all goes well, your browser will open up in a mode other than 
fullscreen.  You should then resize it and then Maximize it again to make 
sure all works as expected.  Of course, if it still opens in fullscreen, let 
us know and we'll see if there's anything else we can try.         :O)


"The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked!"

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> Hi Gman!
> Good to see you too :o)
> Is it the binary code you are interested in?  I managed to copy it, but it
> will not paste into the email reply.  I have copied it by hand and this is
> it:
> 0000  2C  00  00  00  02  00 00  00  . . . . . . . .
> 0008  03   00  00  FF FF FF FF FF  . . . . yyyy
> 0010  FF  FF  FF FF FF FF FF FF   yyyyyyyy
> 0018  FF  FF  FF FF 04 01  00  00   yyyy . . . .
> 0020  A0  00  00  00 A6 04 00  00      . . . | . . .
> 0028  84  03  00  00                          . . . .
> Does it make any sense???  Maybe I didn+ALQ-t understand your instructions...
> Lil 

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