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Ouch, Rudy!  That's some nasty sales tactics.  It's a good thing you know 
enough to call their bluff and refuse to be lied to like that.


"The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked"

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> Thanks many G for this very detailed and precise info, parts of it I was
> pretty sure of and parts of it I was fuzzy. Yes Dell wants you to buy from
> them but I told the Dell salesman if he could match $19.99 for 2GB he 
> would
> get my sale but I'm sure you know his answer :) And Tiger Direct, I know
> they sucker a lot in but both times I called they tried to sell me PC
> Pitstop from Computer Associates and as I refused each time they went so 
> far
> as to say I would not get the desired memory results unless I purchased 
> it,
> and wouldn't I want the full benefits of the new RAM. They should not try 
> to
> deceive like that but job of a salesman but flat-out mislead...
> Rudy 

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