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Thanks.  Good article.  Everybody should read it.

The link in your message came through broken so here is a tinyurl link:



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> Your "hardware" will use it.
> Here's a cut-n-paste:
> ---BEGIN---
> Significant chunks of address space below 4GB (the highest address
> accessible via 32-bit) get reserved for use by system hardware:
>    =95 BIOS =96 including ACPI and legacy video support
>    =95 PCI bus including bridges etc.
>    =95 PCI Express support will reserve at least 256MB, up to 768MB =
> depending
> on graphics card installed memory
> What this means is a typical system may see between ~256MB and 1GB of
> address space below 4GB reserved for hardware use that the OS cannot =
> access.
> Intel chipset specs are pretty good at explaining what address ranges =
> gets
> reserved by default and in some cases call out that 1.5GB is always =
> reserved
> and thus inaccessible to Windows.
> ---END---
> You can read the whole thing here:
> http://blogs.msdn.com/hiltonl/archive/2007/04/13/the-3gb-not-4gb-ram-prob=
> lem
> .aspx
> 32-bit OS is limited to 4GB addressable space. 32-bit Windows CAN access =
> 4GB
> of addressable space, though will be prevented from doing so only =
> because it
> won't see it. If you read that article, that was the best I could find =
> in
> pretty much plain English. A lot more other MUCH MORE TECHNICAL articles
> were available, though this one seemed to be the best read.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> ~ SirTroth

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