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> To be clear, we're not talking about trial software, or even MP3 files
>someone own's a file and gives it away.

Let's see - your friend owns a CD, and copies the tracks to MP3 files and
give them to you as a gift. Is that what you are meaning when saying "gives
it away"?

FYI, nobody who buys a CD owns the music. You own the CD itself, the plastic
disc, but not the content. That is still owned by the composer/artist/record
company. As the listener and buyer, you are only *given a licence* to use
the content (the music) in certain ways. The only legal copying of such
material that is normally defined under fair use is the copying for your own
use in the car, upstairs or in your discman etc, or for other family members
within the same household.

Hence, it would not be legal to give away copies of CDs or trade MP3 files

>The only exception I have is MP3 files.  I personally believe there is much
room for
> interpretation on that issue, and so do many others.

Only if you dont know what the law says, and if you mix up morality issues
with legal issues. I dont doubt that file sharing and MP3 sharing under the
current laws is illegal - the problem is that the laws are not updated to
*stop* p2p file sharing, they only make it illegal in theory (which is still
illegal, just no way to stop it - although Napster and Audiogalaxy
effectively were shut down).


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