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  • From: Master NetLord <NetLord@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 13:50:05 -0400

I simply can't resist this...............

First, let me say I appreciated your candor in explaining why you choose to 
steal software.  What I'm about to say applies to anyone who steals software, 
not just you personally.  My comments reflect my morals, the way I was raised 
and choose to live -- it has nothing to do with my income or country of birth.  
My comments have to do with what I believe is right or wrong, no matter where 
you live or how much money you make.

I don't care what your income, or country is -- to steal is wrong!   You steal 
from people who work hard to produce the software, and are entitled top be paid 
for their efforts.   Remember too, that you are not stealing from rich 
Americans.  Much of the software today is written in countries where the income 
levels are much lower than the US -- countries like China, Taiwan, India, and 
RUSSIA!!   You, quite frankly, may ultimately be stealing from your own 

If you doubt stealing is wrong, let me turn the tables and create a situation 
that you might be able to easily relate to.  If someone breaks into your 
apartment tonight and steals your computer, and is caught with the 
computer................will it be OK with you that the person stole your 
computer if his/her excuse is he only makes $200-$300 per month??  Will you 
accept that excuse and let him take your computer because he can't afford to 
pay for one himself??  Will you understand that he wants to spend his money on 
clubs and music, and CHOOSES to steal your computer???

If you cannot afford to buy a given software, then buy a software that's 
cheaper.....or use freeware.  In your explanation, you say your income buys " 
apartment, car, food, clubs, music etc.".   Perhaps the issue is what your 
personal priorities are.  Perhaps you ought to give up going to clubs....or 
music, so you can afford to buy your software......but PLEASE don't give up 
your integrity and honor by stealing software.

I now return you to your regularly schedules PCTechTalk 
list....................     >8-P

Regards from the
"Keyboard Cowboy",
Master NetLord
Cincinnati, Ohio
Scottsdale, Arizona
1:19:52 PM

On Fri, 12 Jul 2002 11:50:18 +0400, Alex Denissov wrote:
>People! I have one question!
>In Russia most of people buy illegal soft! The reason is simple  -
>usual wages in Russia is about 200-300 dollars a month - for our low
>prices - is enough for livivng normally - apartment, car, food,
>clubs, music etc. But for soft - NO. Of cause a man better buys Win
>XP + tweakers+ MS office on one CD for $2. Anyway i do not care
>cause i usually use SuSeLinux, and this soft is not such expensive.
>So my question is for all - Will you buy legal for $200 or will you
>buy illegal for $2?
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