-=PCTechTalk=- Re: 3GB or 3.5GB of memory--which is best?

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Yea, knew that but did you get this email faster since my system is faster? 
:) Oh, what is a good memory app to test the system with 2gb and 3gb to see 
the over all difference?

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> One more thing, Rudy.  IF one set of matched sticks is designed to run
> slower than the other set, the entire cluster of 4 sticks will run at that
> lower speed.  This is assuming that both sets are within the max speed of
> the mainboard.  If one set is rated at the speed of the mainboard and the
> other is rated higher, they would both be running at the lower speed 
> anyway
> since the mainboard can't run them any faster than its max.
> Peace,
> G
> "The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask!"

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