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  • Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 21:42:33 EDT

Hello, some of you might remember me as having been here before.
I went away for a few months, but I've come back for a few things.

One is the fact that I've suddenly developed problems that appear
to be connected to my using RJHExtensions Organizer 
(www.rjhsoftware.com/rjhextensions) as a DOS-prompt shell extension.

My parents' machine, on which this was installed, has a 350MHz
Pentium II, 128Meg RAM, a replacement 10.2Gig HD, and Win98 original
flavor factory installed =without= an install disk -- it was custom
manufactured for a /major/ home-entertainment retailer.

The problem, which has only cropped up within the past few weeks,
occurs when my father attempts to delete files from his pictures
directories.  We use multiple user settings and the Windows login
feature to keep our respective files separate, and because my
parents' eyesight precludes them from clearly seeing anything in
greater than 800 by 600 resolution.

The files apparently are deleted, but not without some type of error
apparently in Explorer.exe, usually manifesting as the ol' Blue
Screen of Death (fatal exception 0E).

On one occasion, the error presented as a slightly-less-harmful
invalid page fault in Rjhext.dll, an integral component of the
aforementioned RJHExtensions, leading me to wonder if less-
intrusive shell extensions consisting only of a DOS prompt
automagically settable to the folder being viewed (as opposed to
RJH which contains a bunch of other undesired options such as Shred
files, Print directory list to file, et al) were available anywhere.

Thanks for any pointers you can provide.

BOB dot in dot jersey at Juno dot com

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