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Where do I begin?  I am using XPS M2010 Dell laptop, about a year old.  My 
computer's keyboard & mouse uses Bluetooth technology.  Sunday both of them 
stopped working & I pulled out the old standard keyboard & mouse & called 
Dell Support.  A tech tried everything for a few hours & then finally 
decided I needed a new keyboard & a new Bluetooth card...which they sent via 
another tech.
He came yesterday to install both of them & when he tried to down load the 
drivers for the Bluetooth card, as before the drivers would not install.  He 
spoke with Dell & they gave him a new case number & told me to call & work 
with yet another tech.  After three hours on the phone this tech said it was 
not a hardware issue but a software issue & wanted to transfer me to that 
department.  He said that he thought my registry had a corrupted file 
probably brought on by a virus.  I told him that if I had a virus my Norton 
should have caught it but he was sure of his position.  Of course my 
warranty covered hardware issues not software issues.

He said that the software department could probably clear up the registry 
problem but if I didn't want to do it the other only choice left was to wipe 
it clean & go back to factory condition.

During this conversation I remembered that just the day before this all 
began, I had a problem with Norton.  For a week prior Norton kept telling me 
there was a virus, BriskAv, & it needed to be manually removed & provided a 
link to the tool.  I downloaded the tool, followed the directions to the 
letter & the tool found no virus to remove.  This went on for three days & 
each day I downloaded the tool & the tool would run & it always said there 
was no virus in the computer.  Finally I had enough & I called Norton & 
asked who I should believe...the program who keeps finding it or the fix 
that says it is not there.  They said to believe the program that found it & 
suggested I let their tech fix the problem.  To fix the problem they first 
wanted to charge my credit card $100.00.  I asked why I had to pay for a 
virus removal when that's one of the things the virus program should be 
doing...but that's the way it is, was what I was told.  wanting to be done 
with it all, I did it.

After all this, I guess Norton did not deal with the fact that there may 
have been a residual effect left in the registry, which ultimately leads to 
my current problem of a possible corrupt folder.

As I see it, these are my options:

If it needs to go back to factory, I need to save all the many many folders 
in my email program, as well as the address book.  There are thousands of 
email messages that I would like to keep.  The rest of the info is backed up 
on a flash drive.  The only programs I cannot replace is my Office 2003...my 
CD says it is used up.

Another option, which is what I am hoping, that someone in this group might 
be willing to tackle finding & removing the corrupted folder.

This is long enough.  I have yet another question which springs from this 
circumstance but I will post it in a different email.

Thank you,

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