[pchelpers] Re: PINNACLE PCTV RAVE card

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Hi Amanda!

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on Saturday, December 7, 2002, 10:45:44 AM, you wrote:

AAL> I've installed a PCTV RAVE card and the picture / video works
AAL> fine. However the sound is just 'noise' i.e. complete distortion.
AAL> I've checked to ensure I have a good driver for my graphics card
AAL> as I got an error that my graphics card (Nvidia TNT2 model 64)
AAL> didn't support directx - though it says it's enabled when I check
AAL> the graphics card properties. Has anyone experienced anything
AAL> like this - and do you have any advice!?

Click Start -> Run and type DXDIAG, and look through the tabs to see
what it says; it should report all good.  Check the video tab,
especially, and try the Test buttons.

On my card, which is an ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500 (combination
video card and capture card), a wire plugs into the sound card to
provide sound, and in the configuration, I select the DirectShow video
capture device, audio device, and video input.

Check what version of DriectX you have, which is mentioned on the
first page; might need a newer version in order to get overlay
support to make the capture app happy. Latest version is 8.1.


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