[pcductape] Re: xp sharing?

  • From: Sandi <sanneumann@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 03:47:27 -0400

Unfortunately my network is setup the same way.  My kids grew up with
computers and are very responsible users so there's no need to worry.  I've
never had to change the normal share settings on any of the computers except
when my older daughter lived here.  She was setup as a restricted user that
couldn't install anything on the computer because of her silly boyfriend
installing spyware apps all the time.  Since the Home version does not have
the Admin tools I wouldn't know where to begin.  We're running XP Pro on all
4 boxes now.

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| I'm pretty sure Sandi is running xp and could help you more.  I have all 3
| of my boxes set up to share everything.  Haven't tried to remove a share
| don't have the laptop online right now to play around with it to see.
| Pam

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