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Sis2: What machines have this in the bios, interesting I have not run into
it yet, but I don't spend much time in the bios either. :>)
EZ CD software has a problem with "Take Two" and the updates get rid of
this. I use to use this software all the time, however, they do not appear
to be staying on top of things to recognize all the new drives available. I
still like it and will follow it, however, had to resort to use Nero as I am
on the road and have to perform! hehehe

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Did the update help your problem?  If not I just got this from another list
I belong to.
The BIOS has a setting for 'top performance'; if you enable it, you have the
problem. Disable, problem

goes away.


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Hey Steve,
The knowledge base says it may be ez cd creator by Roxio causing the problem
to get the upgrade, so I'll see.

Bob Noble
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