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So where is Crawford Texas..Is that in the middle of the state???

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Hello Pam,

Thursday, January 2, 2003, 10:45:15 PM, you wrote:

P> Hi Scott,
P> Call me dense, or uninformed.  I have no idea where his place is here.  I
P> remember you are at a military post somewhere, seems like I remember
P> about it a long long time ago, maybe somewhere near Killeen?

Pretty good memory, remembering a place that's probably only known for
the Luby's shooting.  :)

Yes, the President lands here (at Fort Hood, I mean, not Killeen) and
takes Marine One to his ranch, which is something like a three-quarter
hour drive to the north of here as the crow flies (ahem), judging from
the map. Apparently he's eating lunch on post tomorrow, for whatever
reason. I hear that they may do body cavity searches and car
disassembling for anyone dumb enough (like me) to go to work tomorrow.
Oops, today, since it's after midnight already. Time for me to hit the

Best regards,
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