[pcductape] Re: windows 95a was on a restricted network

  • From: "Bob Noble" <bnoble@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 22:06:11 -0700

Hi De,
If you want to get rid of the network stuff, you should just be able to go to
network, in control panel and remove all the networking stuff with the remove
I think I'd put win98 on it though. :O)
Bob Noble
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> Hi all
>    Picked up an old 133 computer. Getting it ready for a niece so she can do
> school work on it. However I am having some problems, need some ideas.
>    It appears that this computer was in a corporate network, it has
> restrictions on the computer. ( I see things in the computer that it was
attached using
> Novell network software, they used Lotus Notes, software like that for
> networks. )
>    I need to correct the video driver, it will not let me install new
> drivers. The error message says to contact the system administrator. ( Boy
> machine is really locked down from what I have seen ) What do I need to do
> will remove the restrictions set by network administrator? Is there a log file
> that is accessed for the restriction? ( Just guessing )
>    I see that I need to correct the sound drivers too. ( yellow slam on sound
> )
>    OH Hey Bob, there is software that I will need to uninstall too, it was
> installed over the network so I am sure that the only way that I will get that
> out is to manually pick it out of the registry. What I have tried to uninstall
> the error message says that it cannot access the F: drive, there is no F:
> drive unless they had the network server as the F: drive. Sure appears that
>   Open to ideas folks
>   TIA
>   De

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