[pcductape] Re: windows 95a was on a restricted network

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  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 19:39:51 -0700

Hi De,
Why not the obvious?
Format and install an operating system. Start fresh. :O)

Bob Noble
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> Hi all
>    Picked up an old 133 computer. Getting it ready for a niece so she can do
> school work on it. However I am having some problems, need some ideas.
>    It appears that this computer was in a corporate network, it has
> restrictions on the computer. ( I see things in the computer that it was
attached using
> Novell network software, they used Lotus Notes, software like that for
> networks. )
>    I need to correct the video driver, it will not let me install new
> drivers. The error message says to contact the system administrator. ( Boy
> machine is really locked down from what I have seen ) What do I need to do
> will remove the restrictions set by network administrator? Is there a log file
> that is accessed for the restriction? ( Just guessing )
>    I see that I need to correct the sound drivers too. ( yellow slam on sound
> )
>    OH Hey Bob, there is software that I will need to uninstall too, it was
> installed over the network so I am sure that the only way that I will get that
> out is to manually pick it out of the registry. What I have tried to uninstall
> the error message says that it cannot access the F: drive, there is no F:
> drive unless they had the network server as the F: drive. Sure appears that
>   Open to ideas folks
>   TIA
>   De

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