[pcductape] Re: win98se port open error

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I know this is a sliiy question..........but.............sometimes we miss
the basics

Do those modems have 2 places to put the phone cord in at the back????  Are
you sure you are putting the phone cord in the right one??? 




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Hi Bob.
  Yeah I switched phone cords and checked with good phone..etc...   I didnt
think to write down error...so will have to do that later this weekend. I
just find it rather unusual that both computers say port open..etc..then
when i tried phone dialer on computer< i usually do that..sometimes to see
if it actually dials...>I get message that the thing is being used by
another program... So I think I will have them bring computers to my
house<I'm still not walking good enough to make another trip there..> and I
think I will blow the crud out of box, then take modems out. of box
completely and start by scratch. I just wondered if anybody had ever
encountered something like this..2 in one home..same phone lines..dial up
access....  later this weekend when I get time..I will up date every one on
what i find out. Barbara
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