[pcductape] Re: win98se port open error

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  • Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 09:43:38 -0700

Hi, all  (I still haven't figured out who gets the replies, the addressees
(Barbara and Carl) or everyone).

  We're talking COM Ports (1 - 4 sometimes 5 with winmodems). I've run into
this several times before,
hopefully you can counter the problem.  (And a *&%#@& nuisance it is).
Typically you get this with a WINMODEM and the problem is usually that the
"Software enumerator",
kind of a control device for the modem and software, is not loading right.
  If you're lucky the easiest route is to start the computer in SAFE mode,
then in DEVICE MANAGER you can see
what's really loaded. Look under, MODEM and PORTS and delete everything
except the printer ports.  COM ports,
if you need them, are easy to re install. Remember 1 and 3 share IRQs as do
2 and 4
Usually you'll find that there are two, or more, entries for everything.
(You need to have the modem software to re install).
  When all entries are deleted, re boot normally and re install the modem
from the software.
This is my "step one", works right off about half the time, there's more.
Let me know.

Subject: [pcductape] Re: win98se port open error
Hi Barbara,

Please give us the error message.   What port is open?   Is it 5000?


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From: "Barbara Schonfeld" <bschonfeld@xxxxxxxxx>
 Subject: [pcductape] Re: win98se port open error

> I need your help. My sister's computers, both of them ,the modems won't
> connect to the internet. I tried reinstalling both modems. Removing them,
> then having computer find them. Still won't work. Keep getting messages
> port is open and make sure line has dialtone. Both running win98se. Tried
> new phone cords, tried to change coms. Does anyone know how I go about
> finding out just what is using that com port or where to look ?    Thanks
> Barbara

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