[pcductape] Re: win2k to XP and 98 network

  • From: DGrell7446@xxxxxxx
  • To: pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 21:36:57 EST

  Like you I jumped through all the hoops of try to figure it out, finally 
decided that the answer will appear someday, of what I missed in the setup. 
  At the time the only thing that I could think of doing was; "should I 
replace ALL of the old NICS with new, (and add a hub) would ICS then work." 
This small network is setup using the old 10/100 coaxial peer to peer 
networking. ICS works real well with the old machines (and it is on a 
   Sounds silly but I thought with the way technology advances that the new 
card had improvements over the old ones and they did not want to play 
   Maybe someday I will change the networking part over to newer NICs and a 
hub (and see if ICS would work then) but for now it is not broken so I am not 
going to fix it.

> Exactly the problem.  Hopefully someone holds the key to both of our 
> problems.
> Pam
> >> Pam 
>>  In an earlier mail (if I remember) you said that you changed out a old 
>> NIC and put in a new one, correct? 
>>  The reason I asked is that has happened to me on an old networked system. 
>> I had to change out one of the machines and it has a new NIC card, we were 
>> using ICS flawlessly with the old machine, now I cannot get the new NIC to 
>> talk over ICS, but it can share its files without a hitch. I still have 
>> not solved this mystery of why the new NIC will not connect with ICS like 
>> the old NIC. Will be interested in what solves your mystery (yes I 
>> understand the frustration too.) 
>> Hang in there 
>> Take care 
>> De

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