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Sorry I haven't read all the e-mails on this, I am on travel and just
checked into a hotel.
I would think that the first thing to do is to try and understand how this
network is setup, is a hub being used or a Linksys etc. identify the three
machines IPs gateway and subnet mask to see if we see a problem. Is file and
print sharing allowed on all computers?
The commands are winipcfg for 98 and cmd ipconfig /all for w2k and xp. DO
any of the puters see the internet? If you are using dialup then which
computer is controlling the ICS? I do not use ICS but as the others have
indicated if you run the wizard then it should lead you through fairly well.
I will look for a link to ICS also. Dave

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Now see?  That's exactly what I was thinking.

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Hi Pam,
Are you sure about ics not working without dhcp?
It seems to me it should work without it.

The dialup connection would be the only one that would need to be set to
an IP address automatically. IP addresses would be used on all the Network
in all the machines.

We aren't mixing up the dialup card with the Network card on the server, are

I've got work to do today, but I'll be back tonight to continue were we left

Bob Noble
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