[pcductape] Re: win2k to XP and 98 network

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Exactly the problem.  Hopefully someone holds the key to both of our

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   In an earlier mail (if I remember) you said that you changed out a old
NIC and put in a new one, correct?
   The reason I asked is that has happened to me on an old networked system.
I had to change out one of the machines and it has a new NIC card, we were
using ICS flawlessly with the old machine, now I cannot get the new NIC to
talk over ICS, but it can share its files without a hitch. I still have not
solved this mystery of why the new NIC will not connect with ICS like the
old NIC. Will be interested in what solves your mystery (yes I understand
the frustration too.)
  Hang in there
  Take care

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