[pcductape] Re: win2k to XP and 98 network

  • From: "Pam" <ltf01@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 14:23:53 -0600

  If you know your setting are right , then start to look else where.
  and Like Bob said between your XP box and 98 you must use the ICS wizard.
  then you can cornet the Win 2k up to the network,

  I don't know that all my settings are right, but I do know that the cable
isn't bad because I can share files between them.

  Also, as Bob said, the wizard you speak of is not for when Win2k is the
server, which is my case.

  I would think you shouldn't have any problems between the XP box and the
older 98 putter.

  The XP box is not the server, but is a client.  The 98 box, who's problems
I suspect are hardware related, cannot connect to any machine

  I wish I lived close I would give you a hand.
  Sometimes ya just gotta be there to understand, know what I mean.
  Don't let it get to you.

  Thanks, it's frustrating for sure.  My office is expanding to 2 rooms and
I NEED this network up and running properly.  Plus hubby was told recently
that he needs to email his reports to his company.  What?  Email?  What's
that?  Is it a new kind of stamp?
  Needless to say, if I had a networked box that could access the internet I
could teach him and he could do his job.

  your friend Steve

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