[pcductape] Re: win2k to XP and 98 network

  • From: "Pam" <ltf01@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 23:04:55 -0600

I think both is correct.  My Win2k is the server, and I have 2 clients
(wanting to be) connected, one running XP Home, one running 98.  The XP
machine can connect but only if I assign it an IP, I'm thinking maybe
because DHCP isn't working/turned on/set up (whatever the right terminology
is), on the 2k box.  But I don't know what to do to remedy that.

And not offended at all, David.  I know you have to ask a lot of questions
before you can get a picture of someone's setup, and I also know you have no
way of knowing how knowledgeable the person you are talking to is, or what
they might have overlooked.

The 98 box was connected properly at one point, then it began connecting
intermittently, that is, sometimes it would connect, sometimes it wouldn't.
No visible pattern detected for it's abilities.  I've installed,
uninstalled, changed slots, changed nic's (same brand and model) and where I
am with it right now is as close as I can get anymore.  I think there may
have been an IRQ conflict but there doesn't show to be one now since I
changed slots

Don't worry about offending me.  I'll be the first to tell anyone that
networking is not my strong suit.  Tell me what else you need to know.


  I am sorry, I thought you was using 98 and win 2000 server, it appears you
are using XP and win 2000 server, correct?
  If the above is correct, do they have the same workgroup name?
  Have you done a search for the other computer?
  The IPs seem to be correct and it appears it may be an admin rights that
isn't allowing you to see each other, except that you indicated you couldn't
ping the address which bothers me. Don't be offended, does this help? If not
provide more specifics. Thanks, Dave

    I don't know how to answer your first question.  Perhaps that is part of
my problem?

    as for the 98 machine, winipcfg tells me that I have assigned it IP
address of, subnet

      What are you using to assign dhcp? If you do a winipcfg on the 98
machine what do you see as an ip?

        I would prefer to use dhcp.  It is my understanding that is the only
way ICS will work.  At the moment, I can connect the XP box to the 2k box,
but only if I assign an IP.  From what I understand, without using dhcp I
would have to assign IP's to all clients.
        As for static IP on the 2k box..... explain more.  If I understand
what you are asking it was always static.  Doesn't the server have to be


          Are you using dhcp or are you assigning static IP's

            winipcfg works on the  98 machine, not on the 2000 machine which
you need to use ipconfig,  from what you are describing it appears you may
have a static IP in the 2000 machine, have you made sure you don't have
that. :>)

              winipcfg doesn't work on Win2k.  ipconfig can only be run from
the command prompt and only tells me that it's IP is, subnet is, and default gateway is
              If you type in cmd /k ipconfig / all at the run prompt it
gives you more information.   it tells me what type of nic, physical
address, DHCP enabled yes/no, DNS Servers..... but the DHCP Enabled says No.
It should say yes, right?


                Pam: Not enough info, when you do an ipconfig on 2000
machine and winipcfg what do you see as IPs on both ?

                  The Win2k box and the 98 box cannot connect to each other
at all.  Even when I ping one from the other it tells me Request timed out,
when they should atleast be able to do that much.


                    So when you try to access what are you receiving as an

                      ok, just checked, and that machine is still listed as
an admin user on this machine.

                        The security of 2000  is nor bad (debateable),
however, to be accessed from 98 you usually have to go under control panel
(2000 machine) under users and add the 98 machine name as a user to be able
to access the 2000 machine.

                          I did the first time, but not again after I
installed the new card, if I were to need to.  And I don't remember where to
go in Win2k to look and make sure.


                            Have you added the 98 user as a user with adimin
rights to the2K?

                              Hi all,
                              Climbing back up from a bout of pneumonia,
slow process but definitely on the upside now.

                              I'm ready to tackle my network problem if
anyone is inclined to offer a suggestion.

                              The server is running Win2k.   2 clients, one
running XP Home, the other running 98.
                              At one point all were communicating
beautifully together.
                              Then the 98 box decided that it would only
connect intermittently.  I've swapped nic's (same brand and type) but still
unable to connect.  I swapped slots today and now the nic has it's own IRQ.

                              The XP box connected and continued with no
problem until I recently got a new, faster nic for the Win2k box.  I got it
as far as being able to share files but it cannot share ICS.  Obviously I've
missed something in setting the win 2k box back up.

                              Any suggestions welcome,

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