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MessageHi Vic,

Very good suggestion.
We would copy our individual floppy to a sub-folder under a
main folder on the hard drive and then after we get all 400+
floppies copied to 400+ different sub-folders, we just copy
the main folder to our cd and we get it all.   right.


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  Use any CD writer program, make a multi-session disk and
each time add another floppy to your CD or....

  Copy all the floppies to your hard disk each in it's own
folder and then use any CD writer program to burn them to a
disk. You'll be able to get about 300 floppies on a CD.


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  What program could I use to copy all my old 3 1/2 floppies
to cds?? and would it be a good idea or not? You have made me
take a look at this huge box of disks that need some
organization..and i thought if at all possible i could archive
them on cds or something,,then when i need one of them, i
could just make a floppy.. Would this work?? and also
  what program would be good to do this with?
  any ideas welcome

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