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Place a ready to go cd in your player...go to DOS and do a xcopy of the a:\
use the *.*.
Or use the explore and drag and drop onto the cd..
ez as that...but here comes the tricky part...what if I were to ask you for
f-prot...do you know what cd it is on without having to load every single cd
and do a search...???
dumping all your software onto a cd or many cd's is only part of the
game..Not much use to you or anyone else if you can't find it...
If all you have is 1- 10 cd's its not that big of a deal..but what if you
got 100 pf them or 700 of them..Yikes..different story now..
I still have over 500  5 1/4 floppies to work on myself... am sure there are
still some of us around who still have them floppies about...
I bought a whole box full at a garage sale for like $5.00...Wow what a
deal..the stores if you can find them are charging a min. of $3.00 ea.

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I think you would have to set up a folder with sub-folders and copy the
contents into that and then copy them all (ones you think should be saved)
and then burn a cd of the folder and all the sub-folders. Floppies go bad
from setting around. I can't think of an easier way. :>)
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  What program could I use to copy all my old 3 1/2 floppies to cds?? and
would it be a good idea or not? You have made me take a look at this huge
box of disks that need some organization..and i thought if at all possible i
could archive them on cds or something,,then when i need one of them, i
could just make a floppy.. Would this work?? and also
  what program would be good to do this with?
  any ideas welcome

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