[pcductape] Re: want to edit document after scanning

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Hi De,

I was in Walmart the other day, about 2 months ago, and I purchased the 
cheapest printer I've ever purchased.   It is an HP 750 Scanner, Copier, 
Printer.    I already had a scanner and I use my fax machine to make copies;  
the only interest I had in this machine was to use it for printing.  I 
installed the software, thinking I'll only use it for printing;   However, I've 
discovered it's the best scanner I've ever used.   I can scan for photos (jpg) 
or I can scan for documents (doc) and when I scan a document it ends up in Word 
and it is perfect.   Isn't that amazing.   The cost was $149.99 (why don't 
companies round off prices?).


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  Hi all 
   Got one for all of you scanner gurus. 
   An associate wants to scan a "application for employment" and make it a 
editable document, that way they can email it to prospective applicants, and 
they can fill out the app and email it back. 
    Ok heres what we have tried. 
    Using a flatbed scanner (Canon multifunction machine) we have scanned into 
the Canon software, end results were jpg type file, not editable. We have tried 
scanning into M$ Word 2000 pro software, it scanned ok however it did not scan 
in the lines that are in the application, it does make it an editable document 
    A co-worker has taken the application home and tried using her scanner and 
software. She used paperport software (unknown scanner) and the end results, 
uneditable jpg. 
    So far it looks like Word would be the way to go, but why does the lines 
not scan? What are we doing wrong. OR is there other software that is better to 
do this job? 
     Any other information you might need let me know. All ideas are welcome. 
  Take care 

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