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I am not sure what it is your suppose to learn from this Bob..other than how to 
edit a registry??

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    If you are considering wiping the drive, try going to the registry first. 
    You will learn a lot if you do. 

    First, start, run, type in regedit and run it. 

    Open edit at the top and choose find. 
    Take the name of the program you are messing with. 
    Type in the name and find it. 
    Hit the delete button. 
    Hit edit, find next. 
    Delete what it finds. 
    Do this, until it finds no more. 
    That's it. 
    It's fairly painless. 

   Ah yes I have edited registrys before. Maybe I will, haven't decided yet. 
  Thanks for your toughts 

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