[pcductape] Re: uninstaller needed

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  • Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 10:30:41 -0700

Hi De, 
If you are considering wiping the drive, try going to the registry first.
You will learn a lot if you do.

First, start, run, type in regedit and run it.

Open edit at the top and choose find.
Take the name of the program you are messing with.
Type in the name and find it.
Hit the delete button.
Hit edit, find next.
Delete what it finds.
Do this, until it finds no more.
That's it.
It's fairly painless.

Bob Noble
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> what is the name of the program?
>       MMC ( Multimedia Center ) works with my video card

you could try backing up your registry and then nuking out any mention of it 
from there.
    Hoping this to be the last resort

I am assuming that this is not a file needed to run things with..???

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sanneumann@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Did you try the applications uninstall utility?  It should be in the same
> folder as the executable file.
> Nope nothing there, thats ok 

Thanks Trapper and Sandi
Just thought that someone may have used an uninstaller and had good luck with 
it. This machine has been a very educational machine, (it has had it's share 
of problems) so I am not worried about wiping the drive and starting over 
(again). Learn something new each time I have to start over (with this silly 
Take care
Have a good weekend all

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