[pcductape] Re: uninstaller needed

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  • Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 03:08:35 -0400

Hi De,
Did you try the applications uninstall utility?  It should be in the same
folder as the executable file.

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Subject: [pcductape] uninstaller needed

| Hi all
|    I am trying to uninstall a program, windows add / remove program
| that "it is unable to locate the insallation log file" and then does not
| continue.  I have tried a reinstall but it will not do that either, it
says that I
| must remove what is already installed. So ...
|    Anyone use ( and had good results with ) a program that will remove
| program? Looks like there are quite a few of them in a google search.
|    OS: Windows 2000 Pro
|   TIA
|    De

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