[pcductape] Re: uninstaller needed

  • From: Trapper <trapper@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 17:35:38 -0800

try locating the original either on the cd or in your download folder and 
reinstalling it from there...then do another uninstall.
you could try backing up your registry and then nuking out any mention of it 
from there.
Could run msconfig and shut if off if mentioned in there. Won`t get rid of it 
but might stop it.
I am assuming that this is not a file needed to run things with..???

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  Subject: [pcductape] uninstaller needed

  Hi all 
    I am trying to uninstall a program, windows add / remove program complains 
that "it is unable to locate the insallation log file" and then does not 
continue.  I have tried a reinstall but it will not do that either, it says 
that I must remove what is already installed. So ... 
    Anyone use ( and had good results with ) a program that will remove this 
program? Looks like there are quite a few of them in a google search. 
    OS: Windows 2000 Pro 

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