[pcductape] Re: uninstaller needed

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I have done the same thing..so MUCH that I was beginning to wonder why people 
were always backing up the registry. No need to...well it happened one time and 
it wiped me down to the bare bone.  It hit me so hard up side the head I was 
spinning and had not a clue what happened. I bet I have edited my reg 100 
times..and that was before coffee. the 101 time I wished I had backed it up.
You think I learned...~-)

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    I'm not really sure what she does or doesn't understand about the registry, 
    that's just how it came across when I read the emails. 

    And I know she really asked if anyone had experience with uninstaller 
    So, I gave her more than she wanted, or what she didn't ask for. :O) 

    That's cool Bob, the more ideas we throw around the more everyone learns. 
    I am a newbie with windows 2000. This is the very first time that I have 
done anything with 2000.  And I am learning alot. 
   With win95/98 I have gone thru alot of registrys and removed unnecessary 
items without hitches ( except one time, when I was done with the registry the 
OS was done too  .... haha ) Oh well .... 
    Things are good 
    Take care everyone 

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