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  • Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 08:53:23 -0700

Hi Carl,
It sounds like you need to pick fewer files to transfer at a time to me.
I only tried the transfer wizard once and I didn't limit the files it tried to
transfer, until the second try. :O)

And the answer should be yes, but you need to set up the direct cable network,
and get it going, before you try the windows explorer.

Bob Noble
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Hi Pam,

The two computers are not networked as via cable via modem but are connected by
crossover cable which are plugged into the network cards.   Unit 1 is the unit
that is host from the cable modem but I unpluged the cable from the modem.   But
you do raise an interesting point.   I wonder if I can use Explorer on both
computers to see each other via the crossover cable.   I'll try it tonight when
I get home from the office.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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  Hi Carl,
  If the network is running properly, and if you only want to transfer 1 file
(but you aren't limited to transferring only 1 file), you can do it from  an
Explorer Window (right click on Start and choose Explorer).

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    Hi Group,

    I am trying to transfer files from computer B (old unit with 4gig) to
computer A (new unit with 60gig) and I am stumped.   I purchased a crossover
cable and connected the 2 computers by Network cards and followed the
instructions under Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Files & Settings
Transfer Wizard and after about an hour, the old computer unit B gives me a
message that it cannot continue because of insufficient space.     The process
on unit B was "Preparing for Transfer" and that is what took an hour.   How do I
transfer just 1 folder?    The error message indicated that it was "backing up".


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