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Hi Vic,

Ok, I'll try Pam's suggestion 1st.
I'll do Dave's suggestion 2nd.
And even if the 1st two are successful I will try your method, which is the 
method explained in Windows xp, under System Tools.


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  Is there enough empty space on the old 4GB computer - the comp probably needs 
empty space to create a file to send over first [ don't ask - that's the way 
it's done].

  If there isn't enough room the creation process will most likely fail - what 
probably happened to you before hand. Try with a small amount of files first, 
maybe even one or two docs.  Good idea would be to defrag the old comp - make 
it a tad easier on the old dog to do it's work as the files will be more or 
less contingent.

  Let us know


  TTFN - Vic

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  Hi Group,

  I am trying to transfer files from computer B (old unit with 4gig) to 
computer A (new unit with 60gig) and I am stumped.   I purchased a crossover 
cable and connected the 2 computers by Network cards and followed the 
instructions under Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Files & Settings 
Transfer Wizard and after about an hour, the old computer unit B gives me a 
message that it cannot continue because of insufficient space.     The process 
on unit B was "Preparing for Transfer" and that is what took an hour.   How do 
I transfer just 1 folder?    The error message indicated that it was "backing 
up".   Why?


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