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  • From: "Steve" <sjclark@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 07:47:03 -0800

Very impressive Dave
Your way out of my league, I am local I do not travel.
I do some house calls, but I prefer they drop off and pick up.
I love what I do, the thing that started turned me off was when I was done.
And give them the bill, I have had some say it was working fine,
How could it need all that.
Or try to blame you in some way.
nine times out of ten it is software they loaded.
I would be rich if I was paid for the hours I worked, not to mention free
One time I went so far as to make up a work order.
It basically said, by signing this work order I understand that
my computers is broke, I called the computer repair center.
Once diagnosed, and given an estimate, I authorize the tech to do the
repairs needed,
 and I will pick up my computer within ten working days, I will pay my bill
in full when the job is done,
I also under stand I am responsible for ALL software, and will supply
original CD's when ask.

I am the senior IT systems Field Tech for a company and my district is from
Maine to South Carolina and all the States in between. I never know how many
I will be repairing in one week as it varies, however, I do a lot of freebie
work for friends also, I recognize what you are saying but always try to be
diplomatic and make them understand if they are up front with me on what has
happened then it gets fixed faster and they can expect good support, as they
say get me you once-shame on you get me twice shame on me. I drive a van to
all these places and have all my equipment on board and users are not very
literate, better now but still not to many know it all's. I must have at
least a couple of hundred PC's in the field that I handle in setting up
LAN's to tie to WAN and all repairs no matter what the problem is I resolve.
I handle salesreps, marketreps and Terminals, I make house calls all over
the place on the Eastern seaboard.  
I love doing what I am doing and it is not work to me, heck of a challenge
to stay on top of the technology changes though. :>) Dave

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