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De  thanks for the info..thats what I am going to do...I will have to save up 
and get a hub or router.. When I get going..I'll holler..Thanks again.Barbara
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    . Now what do I need to get so I can have both computers on line at the 
same time. I have a dial up conection. I am interested in making this possible, 
but don't even know where to start .. 

      I will gladly help you get them going. (Please be patient tho, I have 
been sooo busy.) 
      I currently have 3 old computers on 1 dialup connection, running 
     Here's the setup; 
                   1st computer, p200 with 128 mg ram, small HD (gesh having 
problems remembering whats in the computer) and NIC running Win98se. 
                   2nd computer, just like the first with less ram. 
                   3rd computer, p766 with 128 mg ram, larger HD, NIC, Win98se. 
     I am not running my network through a hub/router, I am using the old coax 
peer to peer setup. I use the TCP/IP protocol for the internet part, and other 
protocols for my file sharing. I am using Win98se internet connection 
utitility. I installed the internet connection utitilty on computer 1 as the 
server (connection point). The software will have you make a client disk, and I 
used the client disk in computer 2 & 3 and we have connection, slow but it 
     Barbara I think that XP (if that is what you are running) has the internet 
connection utitility. I would go with a switched hub or router, connect you NIC 
cards to the hub, make sure you have TCP/IP protocol in your network 
properties, run the internet connection software, and hopefully you will make 
the connection. 
    A tip: after you install the internet connection on the server computer you 
must be connected to the internet before using the client disk on computer 2. 
    Also I think the site is www.practicallynetworked.com (hope that address is 
correct)  has information for what you would like to do. 
    Let me know if you need more info 

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