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Hi Vic,

You do have a sense of humor.   I bet Barbara meant hubby's computer!


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  Lots of info in regards networking two comps to use the same internet 
connection, but...............if you are using dial up and the two computers 
are connected at the same time - things are going to be terribly slow.

  BTW, where exactly in your hubby did you place the NIC card???  [At least 
that was the impression I got when I first read your mail !!! ROTFLMAO]


  TTFN - Vic

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  Hello since I have learned something today, I thought i would learn some 
more. I have a realtek RTL8139 family pci fast ethernet NIC in my computer. I 
also have the same kind in my husbands. Now what do I need to get so I can have 
both computers on line at the same time. I have a dial up conection. I am 
interested in making this possible, but don't even know where to start .. Any 
ideas or suggestions.. Barbara

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