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  • Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 20:07:21 +0200

Well... My comment (commit?) is more or less computer related, because there
is a computer named "Apple". Can't think of anything computer-wise related
to a cherry though... unless one buys a cherry as in an early e-machine?

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    Hi  ltf01@xxxxxxxxxx :

  I'm so glad you made that commit. My E-mail has been
  bombarded , As well as everyone else's with some idot
  looking for dried cherries. And how big everything is
  in texas. I think they should go to a regular chat room
  for this type of confersation. I read my mail religiously,
  as I'm sure you and a lot of other people does.

  Pcductape has an awful lot of valuable information on
  it. I myself have had what I thought was emergency
  situations and the group has always come thru
  miraculously. Fellows lets try to limit our conversation
  to computer related issues.

  Thanks Again,

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