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  • Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 18:05:40 -0500

Hi Ladi,

At least you can spell idiot.   :-)
I do eat cherries, all kinds, in the jar and can and I do drink lots of water.  
 My doctor prescribed a drug called Flextra, but it doesn't seem to help much.

Are you on the pcductape@xxxxxxxxxx list?   I won't be sending any more 
messages to this one (freelists.org).


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  My opinion, and we all know about opinions...

  Lighten up!! So what if there is chat in here... Sometimes, if you read what 
others feel important enough to say, you might learn something.. Being blonde, 
I am smart enough to know how to delete what I don't want to read..So, I guess 
this redneck-ette isn't a total idiot.

  And the comment about "progressing that far" was a slap in your own face, 
cause that made it sound like the childishness was in your fingertips...hmmm??

  Okay, my 60 seconds is up... 

  p.s. cherries in the can is good for gout, or at least it helped 
mine..also.... eat meat, and no dairy products, and drink lots of water..

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