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who said knowing where to find dried cherries wasn't valuable
Especially if your the one needing them and are hurting..
I can tell David must be new to the group..Everyone should know by now
pcductape is not the place to come for valuable information.
You come here for information of all types period..!
Not all of it is valuable to everyone...! But then if someone is hurting and
we take the time to locate whatever it is..I would say there is no value to
be placed on that kind of concern.
 My first day back and there is bickering already...!

Arts of Alaska
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  Hi  ltf01@xxxxxxxxxx :

I'm so glad you made that commit. My E-mail has been
bombarded , As well as everyone else's with some idot
looking for dried cherries. And how big everything is
in texas. I think they should go to a regular chat room
for this type of confersation. I read my mail religiously,
as I'm sure you and a lot of other people does.

Pcductape has an awful lot of valuable information on
it. I myself have had what I thought was emergency
situations and the group has always come thru
miraculously. Fellows lets try to limit our conversation
to computer related issues.

Thanks Again,

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