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Boy, I sure don't have these problems. I must be living right is the only thing I can think of? :O)
Bob Noble
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few days..how about a few minutes..
The moment I log onto the internet something grabs me..I can run this system for weeks without any problems..but the moment I log in whamo!
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Thanks De. Using both Adaware and Spybot S&D I guess I keep mine machine clean enough. I usually run them about once a week or when I think of it. It's amazing how much stuff gets in, in just a few days.... Bill
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Lavasoft's AdAware and Spybot Search and Destroy are very similar but I've heard each will sometimes catch something the other one missed. Don't know if that's true.... Bill

I clean alot of machines ( folks just do not understand spyware ). I have used alot of different programs, and each program sees different spyware. I really would like to see a program that would remove "ALL" rather than having to run program after program until I find all of the spyware.
The last one that I used that seems good is Spy Sweeper from www.webroot.com This one you get it for 30 days trial then they want money. This one runs just like you antivirus and continues to scan to prevent spyware.
I see a site for comparison of spy ware removers at www.toptenreviews.com.
I did read an article a time ago ( from ZDnet I think ) that said do not use these programs ( Spy Wiper & Spy Deleter ) they like to install the spyware, not remove it.


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