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Hi Vic,
Just got in from being gone a couple of days. No, not solved yet.  These
guys have offered me all sorts of things for me to change or try on MY end,
but they don't seem to be willing to check their stuff on their end.  I'm
convinced that the bottom line is that I'm going to have to tell them how to
fix it because the techs really don't know how to fix the problem.
To bring you up to date we have learned that everyone is having this problem
but most didn't know how to provoke it to happen.  It is only happening in
IE browser because IE is the only browser (any version) that will allow a
URL to load without the end slash.
Any help-suggestions-thoughts much welcome!!

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  Sorry - have not been able to address your problem up till now - has it
been solved yet???  Let me know - if not I'll go look for my thinking hat

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