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  • From: Victor Firestone <vlfll@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 21:43:46 +0200


Off the top of my head - I would say that they had to reinstall the web server that they are running there and have probably missed some small configuration.
Web servers are a bitch to setup [excuse my English] and sometimes one little oversight will throw the whole web server askew.

Ask them what they are running - Apache [most probably] or IIS, and get them to recheck their configuration.

The other idea that pops into my head is that they had to restore the site itself onto a new hard disk and some little thing went amiss.
The third idea I have [ while writing these lines] is that they moved the domain itself to another web address, not what the end user puts into his browser [www.sitename.com] but the web address of the web server itself which might have been in the past lets say and is now - until the change is propogated to all the gateways and root servers will take a while and that might be causing some havoc.

But all in all I would go with my first bet.

Pam wrote:

Hi Vic,
Lets say that a site on your servers is up and running just fine.  You
experience a hardware failure on the host end, (hardware involved unknown to
me), fix it, reboot the server and someone reports the following problem.
The same site that was loading fine previously now only loads properly in IE
browsers when typed out including the end slash, such as www.sitename.com/ ,
but the images will not load to that same site if you clear your cache and
type in www.sitename.com without the end slash.
Any thoughts on what the problem is?


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