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Netscape 7.0 has the same abilities and the same "Gecko" engine running it.  
I've always used both IE and NS and I have to say that I'm very happy with NS7. 
 It has the power of IE with a few extras added in for flavor.  :-)

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  Mozilla looks like Netscape but IMHO is much much better. Besides you
  can add different skins and it will look totally diferent.  Read the
  following article about how they are created and what is possible to
  create for Mozilla with XUL/DOM, CSS and Javascrip /XPCOM and look at
  the pics 





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  You should get one and install it now, while you can.  If you don't like
  the Netscape browser you likely won't care for the Mozilla browser.  I
  had to do a double take to see if I'd opened the right browser when I
  first opened it because it looks just like Netscape.  But the Opera
  browser has a different look and feel.  It has features that IE doesn't
  and is a very good alternate browser choice.  Just type "Opera browser"
  into google and it will show you a link to their site.  I've forgotten
  it's name for certain, however, I think it is probably simply,
  www.opera.com but I'm not sure.

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