[pcductape] Re: scanning documents

  • From: "DanT" <ezzmoney@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 21:37:55 -0700

Barb I hope you didn't think I was criticizing you about the attachment you 
sent. A 3 minute download isn't a big deal anyway. I keep telling all my 
friends that my dialup is slow compared to their Broadband and DSL but they 
forget and send me these monstrous files that take 20 or 30 minutes to Load and 
there I sit waiting. Kinda frustrating when I'm really just wanting to check my 
mail real quick and get back to work but hey they're friends and I'm just happy 
to hear from them :-). We don't have DSL or Broadband available here either and 
don't know if I would pay $40 or $50 a month for it if it was. I just went from 
a 400mhz pentium 2 computer to a new Dell with XP and it seems fast too. Been 
fooling with computers for about 5 years now but I have much to learn and I 
learn most of it on lists like this, Don't know what I would do without them. 
Sorry for the long winded reply, Enjoy your scanner, Dan 
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        Dan  I'm poor folk too. Just dial up available where I live. I'm sorry 
I goofed up and sent that first big one. I am new at scanning and just trying 
to learn what exactly to do...Now I am excited and going to have to hit my 
photo album and annoy my relatives and sent them to them.  Someday maybe they 
will have dsl available in my area, but then again we don't get cable tv 
either. But we finally got with the program and got a satelight dish. And I 
heard I could get internet thru that somehow, but really the dialup feels fast 
to me since I went from my old computer that was 200 mhz to this compaq 
presario..and I feel like a Queen. Okay Queen of the computer, but no master at 

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        From: pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
        Date: Wednesday, June 04, 2003 8:43:31 PM
        To: pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
        Subject: [pcductape] Re: scanning documents

        Hi Barbara, I allways try to keep my pics under 200 kb's That is plenty 
large enough and they load pretty quick for us poor folks that are stuck with 
dialup access. It took your 455 kb scan about 3 minutes to download in my mail 
if that gives you any idea. My Kingdom for DSL :-)  
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